Why are we so compelled to hang on to stuff?  Every time I clean, purge, move I really try to get rid of stuff but somehow, I still end up with more crap that I don’t need.  Especially as we become more digital and mobile, shouldn’t there be less?  I remember in the early 90’s I worked for a consulting firm and one of the projects was a paperwork reduction project.  It generated more paperwork than it was designed to save.

All my photos are digital, all my CD’s are in my iTunes library, I don’t buy DVD’s because everything is on my Roku, I download books mostly (I say mostly because I’m a bit addicted to books and won’t pass up an opportunity to peruse the local bookstore!).  Yet my shelves are full, closets packed.  I donate clothes, sell nick-knacks, give away toys, re-gift gifts, and just toss stuff.  I think my stuff just multiplies while I’m sleeping!

There is a sense of satisfaction when you see negative space, and you have room and empty hangers.  Yet then, when you get that gift card, or that third check in one month, or that thingy-ma-ging just jumps out at you in the store, it happens.  It’s just one thing, I have room for it, it will be perfect in that spot!  If I get this, I’ll get rid of that.  Yeah, it never works that way.  Even if you move into a smaller space, all that crap goes with you.  I guess there’s just the difference between too much crap and ‘holy crap, this place needs to be condemned!’.  So, look around your place . . . do you really need that?

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