PC Rant

Ok, so I’ve added a new category, I have a feeling this will be popping up a bit, because there is a bunch of shit that just crawls under my skin, sits there and festers.  We have gotten to a point that almost everything out there has become offensive, dangerous, dirty, tasteless, politically incorrect, too far, racial, in poor taste, sexist, objectifying, horrifying, intimidating, mortifying, whatever.  Get over it!  Most of these people that are so offended and shocked are the same people that when they were seven were dishing out the worst jokes around.

So this morning, after the rest of the world deals with real shit, like 18 dead in Bangkok, volcano in Ecuador, bombing in Ukraine, our news covers . . .

Sorority-gate!!!  OMG!

A sorority in Alabama is getting shit for being too blonde and too girly.  Seriously?  No, really.  Seriously?  A sorority.  Blonde.  Girls.  Alabama.  What fucking planet am I on?  WTF????  Apparently the Alpha Phi sorority at U of A had created a recruitment video which some people have found to be offensive because it lacked, ready, diversity and objectified women.  I will give you a moment to compose your self from either laughing your ass off or throwing shit across the room.  One person even stated ‘the only black person shown in the video was at the end and was a football player’, or ‘the sorority was mostly blonde girls in scantily clad bikinis’.  I watched the video.  It looks like typical Greek Row life, typical big university life, typical clique life.  Come on kids, you’re not gonna have a Disney movie, it’s not going to end perfectly.  It’s not going to be super harmonious all the time.  I do believe that hate is not something you are born with, it is something that is taught, however, by the time someone is in college, and they are rushing, you aren’t going to teach them anything in those two weeks.  There are a billion things to do in college, and if you are more worried about a damn rush promotional video at your kids’ school, dude, you’ve got your priorities way screwed up.

Besides, there are people who want to rush and will be part of the Greek system, people who don’t want to rush at all, and then there are those people who want to rush and have no business doing so.  I have a feeling that most of the people causing this uproar are part of the latter.  These are the people that watched all those damn Disney movies and thought that ‘if I just try hard enough’ or ‘the underdog does win if I just show them’ or ‘make a fool of the leader and the minions will fall in love with me’ crap and then fall into despair and obscurity when they don’t get picked.

Get a grip people.  What these girls are doing in the video is exactly what girls do in college and is probably the tame, non-alcoholic version.  They are all wearing shorts and jerseys, or summer dresses or their bathing suits.  They are on the balcony of what I assume is their house waving to the camera, or on the dock  at the lake, or at the university stadium with the one football player.  They are smiling, having fun, giving each other piggy back rides (apparently a very derogatory thing for young women) holding up a sign that says their sorority name.  Now if they would have done a video of what really goes on in college, someone might actually be able to make a case about objectifying women.  Because then we would have men gawking at women, women potentially not making the same amount of money in work programs as men, women not being treated fairly in math and science classes, date rape not being reported to the authorities because the campus police don’t believe a crime took place and the campus administration won’t report the incidence.  Now that I would say is objectifying women.

Pick your battles assholes.  Focus on what you need to focus on and get off this PC bullshit.  I’m sure I’ll be back soon with another one, this place is full of them!

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