In Plain Sight

It’s amazing.  If just a tiny portion of what has been brought to light and yes, verified was put on every billboard in America and Fox news delivered it as gospel, people would and still are supporting him.

The recording of the cheeto with Billy Bush was brushed off by supporters (women included) as ‘what boys say’ or ‘locker room talk’.  He plainly said that if he were elected he would release his taxes, still hasn’t happened.  He promised that Mexico would pay for his insane wall, Pino Neito not only said no, but hell no and that was even before he was elected.  He was going to drain the swamp.  Well, I guess no one really knew what that really meant, because he has drained all the intelligence out of Washington & the people he has selected to be part of his administration are not qualified and some even stand against the very department they have been selected to head.  His cabinet has a liquid net worth of over 5.6 billion.  Yes BILLION.  He did tell everyone that he was smarter than the CIA, well, he refuses to get daily briefings.  Instead, he watches Fox news for his intelligence.  His relationship with the media is nonexistent, he has managed to convince his followers that anything negative is fake.  Instead, his tweets and a select number of outlets is what he references or acknowledge.

There is more to come, not only from me . . . but the insane cheeto will have something daily that will make you say WTF?


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