Non-stop Alternative Facts

We know that Trump is keen on flair and exaggeration, even a bit of manipulating stats to the benefit of himself.  We first thought that once in the White House some of the grand standing would tone down, that, even though he had some out there ideas, he’d act like, well, act like an adult.  Holy shit how wrong we were.

Most of the time now, the majority of what comes out of his mouth and fingers, there is actually no source he is referencing.  Nothing has actual proof, has a source or are just a blatant lie.  At first it was dismissed as his campaign rhetoric.  It’s still happening.  In office.  With real people.  With the world.  The credibility of this government is dying, chip by chip.

It’s one thing for an administration to have some disagreements with the press, or to not fully disclose some of what is going on behind doors.  However, this has just become a flood of flat out lies, distractions and childish out lashes.  Trump is quick to react to anything that he doesn’t agree with or paints him in an unflattering light, no matter how small or insignificant.  The fact that a skit on Saturday Night Live elicits a tirade of tweets and comments just shows how easily anything can get under his thin skin.  Aside from angry insults, Trump pairs those with retorts filled with ‘facts, quotes and data’ that he really just pulls from the air.  As would any support team or dedicated employees, his talking heads are left to defend or explain his claims.  Better yet, in order to maintain the illusion, they appear to buy into the rhetoric and have no hesitation to repeat and embellish these claims.  Kelly Ann Conway will now forever by infamous because she coined the phrase “alternative facts”.  Like a meteor, it has become the lexicon of this administration.

Why this is has taken off, and not just called out for what it is only encourages the administration to continue.  It gives validity to the term and allows them to keep dispersing LIES.  It’s not an alternative fact, it’s not an untruth, it’s a flat out LIE.

Each day I wake up wondering what did they lie about while I was asleep, or who did they manage to piss of in less than 10 hours.  Everyday, every single one of them, there is something that happened which fits that criteria.

Keep checking back.  I’ve been keeping notes and shaking my head on a regular basis, so I have quite a bit to write about.  Let me know your thoughts!

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