Put 2018 on your calendar

So many distractions, so many things we are having to do to keep our rights and act like humans to each other – but please don’t forget there is actually an election coming up in 2018.

Calling your senators and representatives needs to continue even if you never hear from them or are polar opposite of your opinions.

THIS is where we can really begin to change.
Support candidates that will represent the people, not special interests, candidates that support term limits, candidates that represent all of their constituents, not just their party, candidates who realize WE hired THEM.

We have a crappy system that allows campaigns to start running the day after an election (as well as allowing a president to use his time for campaign speeches starting the first month he was in office), that allows Super PACS, that allowed citizens United to happen. So because this country is in a non stop campaign in one race or another, find out who is up in your voting district in 2018, find the candidate you want to support, find out what you can do to help that candidate.

This country has far more humanity then what has been displayed and encouraged at various political events and all the rhetoric that goes with it. Its only purpose is to divide us into groups. Instead of focusing on differences and what’s mine is mine, focus on the us. There are basic needs, there are necessities, there are luxuries, there are splurges, there is the inevitable. Everyone knows this. If we start there, it’s s good place to start, because we all share in the needs, necessities, luxuries, splurges and the inevitable.

It shouldn’t take disasters of unprecedented damage and death to bring out the humanity this country has, it should be who we are every day. When you’re about to drown, you don’t ask the person giving you a lifeline where they are from, how much they make, are they getting benefits from the government, are they an immigrant. You take the lifeline, tell you’re rescuer thank you, I was surely going to die had you not come along, and when things aren’t as chaotic, but them a beer.

We don’t need laws to tell us to do the right thing, but until that day comes and this utopian idea of helping, harmony and happiness comes, let’s elect people who at least strive to keep our basic humanity in check.

Get out and vote 2018.

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