I’m back, only because I can’t take this shit much longer. Part One.

We registered 15 MILLION new voters in Texas well before the dead line, yet only about 4-5 million voted in Texas. Our Senate race was decided by 200,000 votes. Considering In Harris County, 59,048 people had voted in the Democratic Primary compared to 57,108 in the Republican Primary. And let’s not forget about voter suppression. I had allot of hopes riding on this specific state’s senate election twofold. First, I just truly HATE FUCKING TED CRUZ. He is a slimy self serving snake. Second, #Beto really cares about people and the state, and even the country. He would have brought sanity back to the Senate which has become the whipped bitch of trump.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic that we won back the house. But please, Ruth ya gotta keep drinking your green go go juice for a couple of more years and make sure you get keg beer 🍻🍺delivered to Brett “I love beer and raping women” Kavanaugh’s office daily!

Trump, that stupid sack of shit and worthless collection of cells needs to go, I don’t care how. Choke on a fucking chicken bone while pigging out on a bucket of KFC 🍗, or an aneurysm from the fat of the fried chicken you stuff in your loud thin lipped ugly ass mouth of yours, just go. I can deal with Prude Pence for 2 years.

Reminder to that idiot and those who think he is better than shit on toast, when you talk to a reporter, especially when a camera is there (you know, the ones that are used to make “talkies”). We can watch them again and again AND hear what you said. Even when you’re in a different state or country! You, Sarah and Kelly Ann not only lie like the rest of us breathe, but y’all suck at it. “I/the president/we/she/he didn’t say that” right after a clip is played in direct contradiction. Dude, I had better lies to just be able to skip out on class in high school. We should have know it was coming, bone spurs, lamest and a really bad lie to get out of service, Kelly is older than the earth and has simply lost her mind and Sarah IS Lucifer.

I don’t know about y’all, but I’d raise funds to hire a tailor to send to the white house to get everyone ill fitted for their orange jumpsuits.

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