An Open Letter To Jamie Dimon & Chase Bank

Dear Mr. Dimon and Upper Level Employees of Chase Bank,

I would like to invite any one of you to please switch places with me for one year. I am not only speaking financially, but please take my daily migraines, back pain, knee pain, nausea, vertigo, tinnitus, memory loss, balance issues, 15 different medications I take daily, the ER visits, which I have to call Uber for because I don’t have anyone that can take me most of the time, please switch places with me. Because then MAYBE you might have a clue as to what it is actually like to be one of your customers that have a problem most months of the year keeping their balance above zero and incurring your outrageous fees.

I used to get all worked up, the second I got that notification, I scrambled to try to cover it. Now, I just don’t give a shit because there is nothing I can do. I just don’t have the money and there is no where I can get it. When I can get money, I get it in cash and I keep it because I need to buy milk, or pick up a prescription and I have already maxed out my credit card on doctor appointments. So I start every new month already in the hole because of those lovely overdraft fees, plus the ‘chronic’ overdraft fees. That’s it, kick ‘em when they’re down so you can get that new Rolex.

I started working when I was 13 years old. Not because it was a novelty, but because we had nothing. When we first left our dad, my mom left with a suitcase. Our first year in the apartment we slept on the floor, had a side table as our dining room table and that was pretty much it. It took that whole year for him to finally give us a few pieces of furniture, the rest a few friends donated pieces to us. That first job was selling the paper door to door.

I had that job through Jr. High, then I was a life guard and a swim coach for summer league, then I was an au pair in Germany, came back and became a phlebotomist (tried to go to university but couldn’t afford it) and so became a full time administrative assistant. The job required relocation often, so at the conclusion of one project, I moved back to Houston, unemployed for just under a year and took a retail job at minimum wage part-time. I stayed for 11 years, moved up in the company, worked in 5 stores, 4 departments and was a trainer / developer for a design software. I wanted to move back to Houston and got a job working with animals as a manager in a shelter, which didn’t work out people wise. I soon joined the medical field as a coordinator on a trauma floor in the Texas Medical Center. I was there for almost 8 years.

From 2008 to this year, I have had a headache everyday, all day. Now, most people will experience a headache and when their pain scale is at a 2 or a 3 will take something for it. At a 4 or a 5, they may not go to work, or will lay down for a while, at a 6 or a 7 it becomes hard to do much, and an 8 to 10 they are calling their doctor or at the hospital. The last 10 years for me a 6 was normal and because of that, I had to function at a 6. If I had a 2 or a 3, I was heading to Disney Land! In 2016 I had a shunt placed in my brain to drain excess fluid causing pressure and that is when I went on disability. I wanted to go through the history there because there are a lot of people that think those of us on disability are lazy or sucking off the government. No, I have put into social security for 33 years. My disability payments are in direct proportion to what I paid for the time I work and the amount I made. Ok, now that that is clear.

Now, down to the nitty gritty. The deleted tweet was priceless.
”Make coffee at home”
”Eat the food that’s already in the fridge”
”You don’t need a cab it’s only three blocks”

My Chase account deposits from January 22 to March 22, 2019:
3980 from disability
1950 borrowed from family members
80 random items sold from my home
1200 payday loan from Cashnet USA
233.54 Closed Stash Investment account (trying to save, ha ha, poor people shouldn’t save, right)
115.92 Go Fund Me Page to help with medical expenses

1220.11 Medical
1862.19 Extra Debt (includes 1200 payment to Cashnet to avoid interest & 272 in credit cards used for medical)
3005.01 Bills (includes rent)
604.27 Expenses (laundry, food, gas)
409.76 “Frivolous”

Let’s go through my “FRIVOLOUS” in detail, ok?!? I am going to group them together. I do want you to keep in mind a couple of things.
1. I spend the majority of my time in a dark room with ice packs on my head
2. My groceries consist of things to make coffee, cereal, and anything that can be made or put together in under 5 minutes (I.e. microwave)
3. My car has 3700 miles on it. It’s a 2017. I don’t go out much. Period.
4. Not an excuse, but when I do get fast food or delivery, 99% of the time it’s because I feel like total shit, I’m hungry and can’t even deal with cereal (btw, could you eat the same thing all day for a week?).
OK, here we go (aren’t you excited?!?)!! Charges are listed for two months, so if you see Netflix twice for instance, it is because it is for February and March.

  • Streaming Services (no cable, no antenna, no satellite)
    • Netflix 11.90
    • HBO 16.23
    • CBS 6.48
    • Amazon Membership 7.60
    • Netflix 11.90
    • HBO 16.23
    • CBS 6.48
    • Amazon Membership 7.60
  • Food
    • McDonalds 4.45
    • Wendy’s 5.08
    • Panda Express 8.23 (purchased one meal, lasted for 2 meals)
    • Kenny & Ziggys 9.80 (purchased one meal, lasted for 2 meals)
    • Wendy’s 6.35
    • Grubhub 39.60 (purchased one meal, lasted for 3 meals)
    • Grubhub 18.71 (purchased one meal, lasted for 2 meals)
    • Grubhub 19.67 (purchased one meal, lasted for 2 meals)
    • Starbucks 10 (loaded to card to use while in Dallas for surgery)
  • Entertainment
    • Audible (cancelled) 16.18
    • Comedy Show 24.00 (first concert / show in 2 years)
    • Archery Range 25.00
  • Everything Else
    • Phone Game 10.00 (? No idea what this is actually)
    • Amazon 7.60 watercolor pens for business
    • Target 4.21
    • Amazon 8.65 book
    • Amazon 7.57 dog whistle
    • Amazon 19.49 pants
    • Donation 37.00
    • Amazon 6.48
    • Facebook Promotion 18.00 (I think this was a mistake)
    • Stash 1.00
    • Lollicup 40.66 (vanilla for coffee at home for more than a month)
    • Stash 1.00

So, Mr. Dimon, before you begin to slash my expenditures and tell me how I am wasting my money on petty things, PLEASE, live in my shoes. That payday loan, the $1,200 from Cashnet USA? That still cost me over $400, even though I gave them the $1,200 principle payment back 7 days after I got it! Pull up my account! Deposited March 7, 2019, electronic withdrawal March 14, 2019. I have had to use this strategy twice now. Borrow the high interest (disgustingly high) loan to pay rent to avoid eviction because my deposit wasn’t on the first, it was on the second Wednesday of each month. Then on the second Wednesday, I would pay at least the principle, if not the whole amount.

I have doctors not covered by insurance that are $120 out of pocket which sometimes I have to cancel (I have to see them every three months). I have another that IS covered, but that is supposed to be weekly at $50, but I can’t afford and extra $200. My neurologist is every three months at $50, my second neurologist is every month currently at $50. My surgeon in Dallas is $50. There are some medications I don’t pick up because even with insurance, I might not happen to have enough, or like right now, I have a negative balance so I can’t get anything unless it is fully covered. If I need to buy something, I have to sell something (which I have a bunch of stuff listed on neighborhood websites). I even have to do my dog’s vet care on credit and my vet lets me do payments with the balance (my last bill was $400, I only had $200 available on the card, so they let me carry a balance with the office of the $200). My cat just died and is sitting in the freezer at the crematorium until I can pay the balance to cremate him.

This week I have eaten a loaf of bread by means of cinnamon toast, grilled cheese or tuna salad. I’ve had coffee each morning. I splurged and got a roasted chicken for $4 and tortillas for $1 and have had that for dinner for the last few days along with big k cream soda (no caffeine!). I am having to fight Texas Health & Human Services to get $15.00 a month in SNAP food benefits. $15.00. Because I get $110 too much based on their calculations.

So, again Mr. Dimon, I do eat the food ‘in the fridge’, I do ‘make coffee at home’ and the three times I have taken Uber in Houston lately even though they were technically walking distance, I was going to the ER or it was actually more economical.

I am tired of anyone in the banking industry crying foul or blaming the customer. Sure, there is always the bad apple, but you know what? The top of the tree is rotten to the core. I lost my house to Wells Fargo in ‘08, kicked out on Christmas Eve no less (the Sheriff was nice enough to come back after the new year because I was beyond surprised). Who knows how much I have paid in overdraft fees, late, penalties, whatever. I am sure over the time I have been a bank customer I have given someone a few really nice vacations. My tax dollars bailed your asses out along with every other tax payer. Too big to fail my ass, they should have let every single one of you just crash like the Hindenburg and let the little guy shine. The rub is, we bailed you out and just like clockwork, every last one of you turn your back on every single hard working, struggling tax payer.

So please, next time you or one of your talking heads are in front of congress, don’t insult us even more, just own your balls, and tell the people you have ripped off you will continue to do so and the people you have made rich you will continue to protect them and anyone in-between you could care less about unless you can make money off of them somehow.

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