Long Term Pain

What happens today is going to have an impact on this country for years to come. You can rattle off almost ANY policy that this administration has taken up and I can point out at least one way in which it will impact us long term.

Remember way back in 2016 shortly after the women’s march when Trump decided to keep people from entering the country from 8 select Muslim countries and thousands in cities across America protested at the airports along with attorneys to help people come HOME?

Well, it’s still a problem! There are people who still cannot come to this country because of the passport they hold. They are not allowed to get a visa because of their country listed on their passport, even if they have permanent residency elsewhere.

How does this hurt us, or how will it hurt us in the future? I’m including a link to an NPR article about just this. It is about a Neuroscience conference in which many presenters could not attend due to trumps archaic ban and unwillingness to extend visas for events like this. As you read the article, you will see that some of the best in the field who are now looking for positions in research, study, education, etc are now looking to other countries like the UK and Japan because the US is no longer an option due to this ban. We are losing the top candidates in science, technology, mathematics, physics, medicine, education, energy, all fields, because of this ban. The world is boarder-less, people are born in one country, grow up in another, study in yet another. The US used to be a destination. This will only cause us to not only lose these top candidates, but now we will begin to fall behind and not be a place those top candidates will WANT to come.


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