U.B. Said . . .


yup, U.B. just said that.  So?  A lot of people have something to say, most people aren’t listening, so why listen to me?  You might find something interesting, funny or even useful.  

I’m a creator living in Houston, Texas.  Not THE creator, just ‘a’ creator.  “The” would get boring after the millionth replication.  Instead, I create interesting and thought provoking work.  Paintings, photos, sculptures, stories.  I am a ‘jack of all trades’ and I am not an expert on any one topic.  Like a velociraptor, I’m a clever girl (sorry, I know that was bad, it won’t happen again!).  I look to intrigue you, challenge you, entertain you and maybe even piss you off.  I’m a self made hundred-aire living the everyday life! Constantly amazed at IQs of most people and the chaos and comedy that creates. Writing about everything from relationships to politics, poetry to travel, sometimes with a twist, make mine a double!  In any case, I hope it makes you curious enough to come back and share with others.


All work by ubArt is for sale.  Reproductions / prints are available on any piece, unless otherwise noted.  Commissions available.  Please contact me for pricing.


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