Here are some web pages that I often will reference in my blog so you have easy access to them all the time and you won’t have to search for the post to get to them!  I also encourage you to visit them anyway if for nothing else, awareness.  Thanks!

Pay It Forward Puppy – a Facebook page I manage about paying it forward

Nora’s Home – a temporary housing for organ recipients and their families while they are receiving treatment in the Texas Medical Center

Donate Life – this link is for Texas organ donation registration and information, but every state has a website

Intracranial Hypertension Research Foundation – a rare disorder where the body produces too much fluid causing painful headaches and potential blindness

NORD – National Organization of Rare Diseases

National Alliance on Mental Illness – helping end the stigma and providing services and support for those with mental illness

NAMI Texas

Shatterproof – an organization dedicated to raising awareness about addiction, prevention and treatment and breaking the cycle for children

Taylor’s Gift Organ Donation Awareness – an organization started by the Stortch family after their daughter Taylor died in an accident, they made the decision to donate her organs and Taylor’s gift was born

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