This Can’t Be Real & Why Is It Still Happening

I am stunned.  I can’t believe this is the world I live in.  What has this country let happen and continue to happen, inflaming every situation and relationship.

I am far from a patriotic, flag waving, country centered American, I’m just one of many who happened to be born here, citizen of the world.  What is transpiring in the United States is in no way American, patriotic, protective, honorable or humane.


What will it take to even just remove this man from the Presidency.  I don’t care what your political affiliation is, any person that condones in ANY WAY hate, hate groups, violence and supremacy has no business in charge of this or any country.

I have questioned the legitimacy of this administration the moment it was confirmed that the election was interfered with.  At that moment, all executive and cabinet decisions and actions should have been frozen, regardless of who the interference appears to benefit.  I won’t bullshit, if Hilary or Bernie were in the oval, I probably would not have had it in my mind.  It actually would have just been a continuation of the never ending 30,000 email crap that’s been going on, along with Benghazi, uranium and hell, even Monica.  However, neither would not be condoning racism, white supremacy, neo-nazi groups.  Neither wouldn’t have insulted every ally we have.  They wouldn’t have exited the Paris accord.  They wouldn’t be having a pissing contest with North Korea.  They would have released her taxes.  They wouldn’t be knowingly and intentionally lying.  Daily.

Hillary & Bernie would not be standing in front of the press, yelling at them and anyone listening that it wasn’t the neo-nazis’ fault, but those aggressive, bat-wheelding alt-left protesters (who were there WITHOUT a permit).

For a year now, this country has had to shake its collective head, hope other countries know our outdated election system is in need of an overhaul, that the few do DO NOT represent the many and apologize for how the new “commander” in chief is behaving on the world stage.  However, all of his gaffs, inexperience, rudeness, bullish attitude are all repairable and recoverable once his term is up, but this.  No.

This country, if it does not act appropriately to these actions, actions cumulatively on a path littered with destruction to this apex of arrogance and hate, will destroy itself.  This country is rapidly on a self-destructive course with a mad-man at the helm.  For some reason, those that have the ability to remove this egotistical destroyer of all, have yet to do so, and with each day, the country loses more and more.  Soon, there will be no country, well at least the country that anyone knows.  It will become unfamiliar, foreign, cold, unwelcoming.  What you woke up to today, the beauty of the sky, the opportunities in front of you, the quaint or quirky neighborhood you live it, it will all change.  You won’t wake up to that anymore.

You go ahead and start to compose your own 1984 world, what it will be like for you and better yet, what it will be like for your children.  I’m almost 50.  I have no kids.  I could easily shrug my shoulders and just mind my own business, go about my day.  I’ve lived most of my life, I’ve actually made it longer than I thought, so ‘yeah me!’.  I can’t do that.  I can’t watch as this complete insanity not only continues, but is allowed to run off leash. People are the casualties from the daily barrage of words and actions from this crazy man.  Pick any topic, it has or will be shortly, impacted and chances are almost 100% in a negative way.

This must end.  Even if it means all of us going into the damn white house and carrying his ass out of there.

No Words

That’s it.  Two deaths in two days.  No, they were not people that were immediate family, they were not people that were in my everyday life.  However, they were people that had a profound effect on me.

The first was a childhood and family friend who died yesterday from a glioblastoma.  It had gone into remission then came back with a vengeance.  He left behind a wife, daughter, sister and mother.  His father died less than two years ago.  We still spend Christmas with his mom (and had with is dad until his passing) every year.  A few weeks before the brain cancer came back, I had had a dream that he was actually dead and called my mom to ask if he was ok.  During Memorial Day, his mothers home was flooded with 3′ of water while she was visiting him.  His sister flew back to Atlanta three days before he died, thinking she would be back in a few days.  Even though he was young, we all knew he would succumb to the illness.  I was just in denial the entire time, and when I heard the news yesterday, I was just overwhelmed and really had now words for his sister.  What do you say?

image2The second we lost today.  If you have ever lived in Houston, have ever been involved in the medical community, are a JFK assassination buff or ever watched TV in the southeast region in the 80’s, you probably have heard of Dr. James “Red” Duke.  He is a legend in the Texas medical community.  He was instrumental in advancing trauma care at Memorial Hermann Hospital and launching the Life Flight program in the 70’s, now which serves one of the largest populations and areas in the country.  He has served in the armed forces, trained countless doctors, nurses and medical students.  I only had the opportunity to work with him for a short time compared to his lengthy career.  He would come up to our floor, with his cup of coffee and pull a chart to write his notes and orders on a patient.  He would never know your name, but he always greeted you like you were family, “Hey darlin'” or “Mornin’ sweetie”. Plus the stories.  I loved listening to his stories.  He lived at the hospital, he had an apartment in the building and his dog, Jake, stayed with him.  He also had acreage and a home outside the city for when he wasn’t working, but I don’t know when that was!  I would see Dr. Duke in the basement hallway, taking Jake out for a walk and would always stop to say hi and pet Jake.  That was my inspiration for the piece of pottery, which I was able to give to him in July.  He did really enjoy it, he thought it was very intricate and asked me if I had ever considered being a surgeon!  He looked at it for quite some time, looking at all the detail.  I was happy that he was able to enjoy it for a little while at least.  Just like Stephen, I had been at work on Sunday night and Monday night, and had considered stopping by his room on Monday morning or Tuesday morning, something was nagging me in my gut and I just thought, it’s too early, I’d come back in the afternoon on my day off.

I guess I did have a few words, although they probably didn’t make too much sense.  I guess I just need to start trusting my gut a bit more and appreciate what I have in front of me.