Answer The Question

“Excuse me, Representative, do you believe it is appropriate for a president, ANY president to withhold foreign aid in exchange for dirt on a political opponent?”

If you have watched any news clip or program or seen anything on line, you are sure to have seen men and women in the halls and streets of Washington, zigging and zagging with their heads down, pretending to be on their phones or simply stone faced. Each one dodging the cameras and reporters refusing to answer this or any question in regard to the illegal activities of the administration. It’s as if they answer the question honestly, or rather, correctly, and say it is not appropriate they may face the Trump-Tweet-Storm and if they answer in support of his actions, they are admitting to their constituents they are willing to break the law.

The few that are speaking, the talking-heads like Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Devin Nunes (R-CA) won’t answer the question either. Instead they say everything else.

    • There was no quid pro quo.
    • He did nothing wrong.
    • Who is the whistleblower, they need to come forward.
    • Crowd strike and the 2016 democratic server.
    • VP Joe Biden and the removal of the Ukrainian prosecutor.
    • They were talking about rooting out corruption.

I can’t wait for the public hearings begin. I hope there are dozens of witnesses that republicans call that support the law above the party. I hope that people become more informed about the process, the law and the facts. I wish that truth will prevail over partisan politics.

Response to Yad Vashem @yadvashem Twitter response to @AOC calling US boarder “concentration camps”

Wow. This hurts me to the core. I am the child of a German immigrant. She was born in what is now Poland in 1935. She wanted so to become part of the League of German Girls, the branch of the Hitler youth for girls, when she was a child, but was too young to join. You had to be 10 years old, and everyone did. She, like many, especially children, we’re enamored by her leader, by patriotism and nationalism. Even as her own family was torn apart, her siblings in different homes, her father taken prisoner by Polish soilders, she was proud to be German. It wasn’t until she was in her teens that she learned of the horrors that were carried out in the name of her country.

She moved here with her husband, my father, in the 60’s, eventually settling in a suburban neighborhood that had a dense Jewish population. As I was growing up a decade later, I didn’t advertise I was German, I was embarrassed and knew it was an open wound for many in my community. It was one of those things you didn’t speak about in polite conversation. Fortunately most in the community were one generation removed from the direct experience (my mother had me at a relatively late age, whereas most other parents were about ten years younger).

We grew up knowing it was not our fault. It was not my mother’s fault. It was not our grandparents fault. But somewhere, at some point, Germans allowed it to happen.

It wasn’t like on Monday everything was normal and on Friday 6 million Jewish people were dead.

No. History has shown us, it has never happened like that.

Hitler did not have a grand design of cheap war time labor. He had a grand design of targeted genocide. Brushing aside the brutality of history by claiming the concentration camps were created with the intention of cheap labor is spitting on each and every grave.

There may have been people that were sentenced to hard labor that were not Jewish, but the camps were not built for them, they were a handy alternative for dissidents, criminals and people that just pissed off Hitler and his SS boys.

What is happening in this country, at our southern boarder, no, it is not on par with 6 million Jewish people murdered by Hitler. It is on course to be worse. Why?

Because we can see. We can see each and every atrocity carried out. We can see every family ripped apart. We can see what OUR war on drugs has done to their homes in Central America and why they are fleeing for their lives. We can see children without their mother or father. We can see children in cages sleeping on floors. We can see courts with no inturpreturs or attorneys. We can see people’s rights being taken away because they were not born here, regardless of how long they have lived here. We can see.

We can hear. We can hear the vitriol coming from the mouth of trump. We can hear the hate speach chanted at his rallies. We can hear people in stores yelling at people to go back to their country. We can hear the KKK marching in our streets again. We can hear.

Having the Holocaust Center stating “the camps helped” is so beyond disturbing. This is the type of political dog and pony show that is reserved for the bullshit and pandering, not the sacred memory of millions.

There are few left that were actually alive to experience the horror of 1939-1945 in any aspect. So for that, we are now left with records, written history, photos, interviews, memories of stories told. It is up to us, right here, right now, as to whether or not we are willing to allow such a monstrosity of history, or even a shadow of a resemblance of it, be repeated. Do you want your children, your grandchildren to have to answer these questions in 50 years?

In Circles

Distraction.  It’s a technique used in multiple applications: animal training, dealing with children, pick pocketing, magic, advertising.  In politics it is even easier to use.  The curtain is dropped, the wool securely over the eyes.  How has this become so easy with a government led by the people, how have we become so easily distracted?

You could blame it on the media, but that is a vicious circle of a feedback relationship.  Money, sure, but we the people allowed our representatives vote on and pass citizens United.  Lobbyists, well anyone can be a lobbyist, just the ones that have the most time and money are more likely to get a meeting.  The number of sources, the number of devices, the lack of time, the lack of interest, the overload of information, so many causes, so many issues, so little empathy, so much passion.  So what to do.

I don’t have an answer, I struggle every day.  Hell, every morning I wake up these days, my first thought is “who did he piss off now, what did the assholes do today?”.  There is almost nothing that surprises me now (i’m still shocked about trumps comments on Monday), I almost anticipate waking up to a missile launch from North Korea.

Bottom line, we already know this guy is a lying, hot headed, ignorant, bigoted, misogynistic, well you know the description list.  We also know the Russian collusion case is only getting more and more evidence and most likely has enough to throw his ass in a Siberian jail.  We know he has pissed off the world.  What should we focus on then?

Doing whatever we can, every day, with any tool you have to remove him from office.  Aside from brinkmanship with North Korea, trying to dissolve NATO, insulting our immediate neighbours, praising dictators, this man has NO business having ANY power because he does NOT represent this country.  A racist in the Whitehouse is not a sentence we should have to say.

Call you senator, regardless if they are an ass (i.e. mine is Ted Cruz), call your representatives, call your governor, call your mayor, call the Whitehouse.  Make these six calls EVERY DAY AND DEMAND HE BE REMOVED NOW FOR MENTAL INCOMPETENCE!





This Can’t Be Real & Why Is It Still Happening

I am stunned.  I can’t believe this is the world I live in.  What has this country let happen and continue to happen, inflaming every situation and relationship.

I am far from a patriotic, flag waving, country centered American, I’m just one of many who happened to be born here, citizen of the world.  What is transpiring in the United States is in no way American, patriotic, protective, honorable or humane.


What will it take to even just remove this man from the Presidency.  I don’t care what your political affiliation is, any person that condones in ANY WAY hate, hate groups, violence and supremacy has no business in charge of this or any country.

I have questioned the legitimacy of this administration the moment it was confirmed that the election was interfered with.  At that moment, all executive and cabinet decisions and actions should have been frozen, regardless of who the interference appears to benefit.  I won’t bullshit, if Hilary or Bernie were in the oval, I probably would not have had it in my mind.  It actually would have just been a continuation of the never ending 30,000 email crap that’s been going on, along with Benghazi, uranium and hell, even Monica.  However, neither would not be condoning racism, white supremacy, neo-nazi groups.  Neither wouldn’t have insulted every ally we have.  They wouldn’t have exited the Paris accord.  They wouldn’t be having a pissing contest with North Korea.  They would have released her taxes.  They wouldn’t be knowingly and intentionally lying.  Daily.

Hillary & Bernie would not be standing in front of the press, yelling at them and anyone listening that it wasn’t the neo-nazis’ fault, but those aggressive, bat-wheelding alt-left protesters (who were there WITHOUT a permit).

For a year now, this country has had to shake its collective head, hope other countries know our outdated election system is in need of an overhaul, that the few do DO NOT represent the many and apologize for how the new “commander” in chief is behaving on the world stage.  However, all of his gaffs, inexperience, rudeness, bullish attitude are all repairable and recoverable once his term is up, but this.  No.

This country, if it does not act appropriately to these actions, actions cumulatively on a path littered with destruction to this apex of arrogance and hate, will destroy itself.  This country is rapidly on a self-destructive course with a mad-man at the helm.  For some reason, those that have the ability to remove this egotistical destroyer of all, have yet to do so, and with each day, the country loses more and more.  Soon, there will be no country, well at least the country that anyone knows.  It will become unfamiliar, foreign, cold, unwelcoming.  What you woke up to today, the beauty of the sky, the opportunities in front of you, the quaint or quirky neighborhood you live it, it will all change.  You won’t wake up to that anymore.

You go ahead and start to compose your own 1984 world, what it will be like for you and better yet, what it will be like for your children.  I’m almost 50.  I have no kids.  I could easily shrug my shoulders and just mind my own business, go about my day.  I’ve lived most of my life, I’ve actually made it longer than I thought, so ‘yeah me!’.  I can’t do that.  I can’t watch as this complete insanity not only continues, but is allowed to run off leash. People are the casualties from the daily barrage of words and actions from this crazy man.  Pick any topic, it has or will be shortly, impacted and chances are almost 100% in a negative way.

This must end.  Even if it means all of us going into the damn white house and carrying his ass out of there.

Dear Senators (and I’m looking at you Mitch),

‪The #ACA which took 2 years and everyone’s participation works for the majority (u know, us making under 30-50k) too bad yours is not exactly the same as before, you poor federal employee with a net worth on average of 1 million. Your 75 yr old ass and 32 yrs polluting the Senate are ending, you have NO right to be making health care decisions for young women, children in poverty, adults with and on disabilities or anyone for that matter that is not in your immediate family. Which if you so much as have a cough, you would be first in line at the ER, whisked to a private, mahogany paneled, personal chef, 1:1 nursing with a living room room.
The republicans on the hill are the obstructionist. The ACA works and just needs to be built upon, but you people are so invested in destroying ANYTHING Obama touched. You did for eight years. You jerkoffs had 7 years to come up with a comprehensive bill. 7 years. Instead you take 13 white male senators with an average age of 60 years old with 5 past forced retirement age in most companies and go hide in a room to come up with crap that ensure YOU get your federal health care back to what it was before the ACA and more tax breaks for all you wonderful idiots that make more than 200k.
This is not about you. This us not about republicans. This is about Americans and their future. Just because your future is short and your 3 spoiled kids and their rotten crotch fruit have daddy’s money and don’t have to worry, that’s only about 1.5% of the ENTIRE population.
Get off your Republican high horse, take what the ACA has (while assuring the insurance companies of little to no volatility), create real working groups with even numbers of dems and rep. Each group can focus on one aspect of the bill and get it done. 13 old white men will not determine our future.
Oh and by the way, don’t be chicken shits and face your constituents, every last one if you. If you really believed in what you were doing is for the people, you jackasses wouldn’t be afraid to meet with us, take a call, actually write a letter (not those stupid form letters that are cranked out). Not only has Congress had the LOWEST approval rating in modern history, but also the most inaccessible.
You work for us, remember?

He’s Counting On You Not To Listen

Today, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau met with Donald Trump at the White House. After a meeting with ‘women business leaders’ and other pleasantries they held a press conference. Next is the transcript of what Trump said to the press before both Trudeau spoke and the press asked questions. Now keep in mind, the initial statements are usually prepared and even reviewed by the president even if it is composed by a speech writer. After reading this it will make you question who the hell wrote it, did anyone else see it and is everyone really that paralyzed by this guy that they won’t correct him on ANYTHING? I will first have it in its entirety. Then I will attempt to analyze it.

On behalf of all Americans I thank you for being with us today. It is my honor to host such a great friend, neighbor and allies at the White House, a very special place.
This year Canada celebrates the 150th year of confederation. For Americans this is one of the milestones in our friendship and we look forward, very much forward, I must say, to many more to come.
Our two nations share much more than a border. We share the same values, we share the love, a truly great love of freedom and we share a collective defense. American and Canadian troops have gone to battle together, fought wars together and forged the special bonds that come when two nations have shed their blood together, which we have.
In these dangerous times it is more important than ever that we continue to strengthen our vital alliance. The United States is deeply grateful for Canada’s contribution to the counter ISIS effort. Thank you. And we continue to work in common and a common cause against terrorism and work in common cooperation toward reciprocal trade and shared growth.
We understand that both of our countries are stronger when we join forces in matters of international commerce. Having more jobs and trade right here in North America is better both for United States and is also much better for Canada. We should coordinate closely.
And we will coordinate closely to protect jobs in our hemisphere and keep wealth on our continent and to keep everyone safe.
Prime Minister, I pledge to work with you in pursuit of our many shared interests, this includes a stronger trading relationship between United States and Canada, it includes safe and responsible cross border travel and migration, and that includes close partnership on domestic and international safety.
America is deeply fortunate to have a neighbor like Canada. We have before us the opportunity to build even more bridges, and bridges of cooperation and bridges of commerce. Both of us are committed to bringing greater prosperity and opportunity to our people.
We just had a very productive meeting with women business leaders from the United States and Canada where we discussed how to secure everything that we know the full power of women can do, better than anyone else. We know that. I just wanna say Mr. Prime Minister that I’m focused and your focused on the role women play in our economies. We must work to address the barriers faced by women entrepeneurs including access to capital, access to markets and very importantly access to networks in our discussion.
Today we will focus on improving the ways our government and our governments together can benefit citizens of both United States and Canada and in so doing advance the greater peace and stability of the world.
Mr. Prime Minister I look forward to working closely with you to build upon our very historic friendship. There are incredible possibilities for us to pursue Canada and United States together.
Again, thank you for joining us and I know our discussion will be very, very productive for the future of both countries. Mr. Prime Minister – 

All righty.  Did you get that?  Or is your brain still trying to figure out what the hell any of that was?  I listened to it, listened to it again, listened to it a sentence at a time, typed it out, read it and still have no clue what the hell that was.

To open with, he doesn’t bother to personally thank Trudeau for coming.  Nothing about it being nice to have him down, hope he’s enjoying his visit.  What he DOES do is welcome him on behalf of the country and emphasized ‘great friend‘ to make sure we know Trudeau likes him.

Canada is celebrating their sesquicentennial this year, their 150th birthday (well, one of them anyway), so it’s kinda like their 4th of July.  He basically brushed it aside and comments on how it is a milestone for America and their relationship with Canada.  Nice dude.

Next, Trump proclaims we share the same values.  HA HA!  Canada is and has everything Trump is trying to eliminate here, then suddenly jumps to battle.  I don’t think war is on Canada’s top ten.

The comment “forged the special bonds that come when two nations have shed their blood together” is only for dramatics.  Take that same idea and apply it to all the people who were banned from the country that weekend.  Iraqis fighting side by side, literally shedding blood arm and arm, but because they are from Iraq, that’s not a real bond.

The fear dramatics weren’t missing today either.  We had the ‘dangerous times’ and ISIS reference and hinted at illegal boarder crossing.  He make the ‘war on terrorism’ aka the counter ISIS effort, seem like it was ours, we were in charge and thanked Canada for their ‘contribution’  To me it sounded very condescending.

His segways did not exist, he is on one topic and in the same sentence will jump to another from left field.  The rest is a rambling mess about commerce for the most part.

There are some stellar lines that just cannot even be explained, like this one, “we understand that both of our countries stronger when we join forces in matters having more jobs and trade in North America, better for United States and Canada.”

We should / we will coordinate closely to:
protect jobs
keep wealth on our continent
keep everyone safe . . . . in our hemisphere – WTF?

I pledge to work with you for our ‘shared’ interests:
stronger trading relationship (US/CA)
safe & responsible cross border travel AND migration
includes domestic and international security

Then he went on a whole bridge obsession.  To build even more bridges, bridges of cooperation, bridges of commerce.  What, our relationship with Canada has been that frictional?  The only reason we would need to build bridges with Canada is after Trump has burned every single one of them.

I don’t know the context of the ‘meeting of women business leaders from US & CA, but this might have been the most bizarre word vomit of this speech.
“How to secure everything that we know . . . can do better than anyone else, we know that”
“Focused on the role women play in economics”
To work to address barriers faced by women:
access to capital
access to markets
access to networks (emphasized ‘very important’)

These are just words:
Today we will focus on improving the ways our government and our governments together can benefit citizens of both United States and Canada and in so doing advance the greater peace and stability of the world
My summation – Focus on improving way to benefit citizens which will advance peace and security.
Yeah, neither make any sense.

As he wrapped it up, he wanted to ensure that everyone one knew J-dog was his BFF by referring to it as a “historic friendship“.  The ‘incredible possibilities’ are  what?

I haven’t seen anything in this speech that has any actionable statements.  It’s:
There is danger.
Teach everyone two are greater than one.
A little bit of geography.
Lots of trade and trading, but don’t know what and don’t know how, just we can trade commerce together.
Oh, Canada, don’t let illegals cross your border to come here.
Some shit about women businesses (this is hard for him unless we are talking about tiaras and bikinis).
Justin Trudeau loves him.

There were 2 mentions of jobs.
There were 5 mentions of commerce and / or trade
There were 5 mentions of safety in some way
There were 20 times he reminded us what countries he was talking about.

I was going to do the entire press conference to show the difference in how Justin Trudeau spoke and Trump did.  I was particularly interested in how different the answers would be to unscripted questions from the press (it was really sad) but this exhausted me.